EXCLUSIVE: The Lost Betrayal Tapes V: Elks Lodge, Corona, CA February 19, 1993

As our series nears to an end, this gig represents an important part in Betrayal history both professionally and personally. This is an incomplete show but shows the band performing quite a few songs from our upcoming second album The Passing (which would be released two months later).

I am not sure who filmed this show, but it was the early 90’s and video cameras had a lot of weird effects to play with, and this person used them quite a few times which can get a bit annoying at times.

A couple of interesting items to note about this show. Once again it was storming outside (why was it always raining when we played), but it was a fun show. Nicene Creed and Wicked’s End opened the evening. As mentioned above we played a lot from yet unreleased sophomore album including Ichabod, Whispers of Chaos, Frantic, Retaliatory Strike, and a special performance we only did this twice (I think); we played the FULL epic story and performed Escaping the Altar and Forest of Horrors back to back as one piece! Proto-Prog metal anyone?

Something of personal history, if you look at the video at 39:15 you will see a woman in a white shirt and brunette hair sitting stage right next to Bob McCue. It was the first night I met this woman in person (being introduced by Bob’s wife) and in 2023, we will have been together 30 years as a couple (married for 28).


  1. Assassins in the Midst (beginning cut)
  2. The Invitation
  3. More Faith Than Me
  4. Ichabod
  5. Escaping the Altar/Forest of Horrors
  6. Chris Talk (cut)
  7. Whispers of Chaos (last verse only)
  8. Frantic
  9. Retaliatory Strike
  10. After Show Ministry 

Hope you enjoy this! One more to go….

Chris Ackerman



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