Living Sacrifice Pre-Orders Commence

Being one of the biggest names in Christian metal music, Living Sacrifice have been through a number of changes over their 30-year-plus history. With their more popular albums Reborn, Inhabit and their self-titled debut, the group are no strangers of making changes to their sound and musical responsibility towards their loyal legion of fans.

Since their final album in 2013, Ghost Thief, the band have been busy remastering and remixing previous releases from throughout their lifetime as a band. From 2020, Living Sacrifice have dropped LPs with Reborn (2020), Living Sacrifice (self titled) (2021) and now Nonexistent (2022).

Nonexistent is now available for pre-ordering via Manhead Merch:

Gold vinyl is now completely SOLD OUT, however black vinyl is still available at $30.00 each, CDs @$15.00 and digital download, $9.99. Clothing and apparel are also available.

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