All Will Bow – Reign Of Glory (Album Review)

When you think of supergroups, especially when it includes a vocalist from about 30 years ago, then what would you expect? Well, when you have the likes of Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, Deliverance), Nick Layton (FireWolfe, Q5), Roger Dale Martin (Vengeance Rising, Die Happy) and vocal legend Robyn Kyle Basauri (Red Sea, Die Happy), then you can see why.

Roxx Records is known to release all kinds of music, which features many artists going back those 30-plus years, to the present day’s up-and-coming musicians. Reign Of Glory marks the first release for Robyn since his days in Die Happy and the quartet have released their debut record All Will Bow.

Track Listing :-

  • Forever and Ever (3:51)
  • Welcome To Reality (3:52)
  • Rise Of Aslan (5:13)
  • Samson’s Kryptonite (4:03)
  • Love Came To Die (4:38)
  • Call Down The Thunder (4:45)
  • Last Daze (5:35)
  • The Edge Of The Night (4:26)
  • 1000 Years (4:32)
  • Writing On The Wall (5:16)

When we first get hit by the song “Forever And Ever”, it’s everything I would expect from these boys, not so much for Chaffin, however we all know how broad his musical tastes are and that he keeps on top of his game. It’s completely rock n’ roll, fast-paced hard rock melodies, shredding guitar solos, and -please don’t expect the classic Robyn vocally here, however he keeps on track with his roots planted deeply and is still very able to hit those notes needed.

Their hit single “Welcome To Reality” is up next, a more blues-driven rock song, as for those of us that know the track already. Even though a very cool song, with this release. I also believe it to be the weakest on the album. “Rise Of Aslan” creeps in afterwards and again the blues influence can be heard with a bit more of a slower delivery. “Samson’s Kryptonite” shares the same qualities as the previous track, blues rock and rock n’ roll. You can tell these guys’ influences are from yesteryear, and not the current modern metal output.

Ballads, that’s what we want, BALLADS. Well, you got it as “Love Came To Die” shows itself. A well constructed tune that completes the overall delivery of this band as they are showing their longevity in the music industry and are unafraid to keep the classic ballad alive. To pick up the pace again, “Call Down The Thunder” comes blistering in, blending nicely the slower riffs into more energetic pickups, also a mind-blowing solo is added in for good measure, as it certainly holds its own.

“Last Daze” triggers the senses again with a ripping riff and flows naturally with the band, a great mix of melodies and changes throughout, seasoned musicians is what comes to mind, especially those who know what they are doing. “The Edge Of The Night” revisits the bluesy hard rock ballad aspect that…well basically it’s what we want, keeping honest and true with the kind of thing the band wants to produce.

Heading to the back end of the already great album, “1000 Years” tears it up with rocking riffs and layered guitar work. For a great portion of this album, even though ballads and slower elements are used more so than not, this track works towards the hard rock spectrum, to continually show the listener that even though it’s late in the album, there is always a genuine surprise taking place.

Finishing with their final track of the album “Writing On The Wall” sort of comes back to the Welcome To Reality makeup, even though it still presents itself in a positive way, Jim Chaffin’s use of the cymbals was messing with me, at a pitch that I feel isn’t right for this album, however sick riffs and solos keep this monster going in a good direction.

Well, my opinion has been put into place and I can tell you, this album was exactly what they wanted. It had great production, a well balanced sound (mostly) and with a great display of musicianship. Personally, I just had a gripe with the cymbals issue on my end, but then again it’s just my own opinion. Robyn carried it well vocally throughout and made it his own, as I mentioned before, it’s been a long time coming for that man, so don’t expect him to sound like he did way back then…

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Christian Sullivan – 8/10 (The Metal Onslaught Magazine)

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