Suffer To Rise – Voluntary Mortification (Album Review)

As we continue to tackle the compete backlog of reviewing albums and EPs on The Metal Onslaught, we can’t turn our backs to the brutal bands that are making an impact in the scene.

Rottweiler Records has been expanding itself in many ways, mainly in the PR department, which honestly for a label, is the most important, when it comes to delivering for the artists on their label and for those who support them as well.

Voluntary Mortification have really hit the scene (and listeners) hard this year in 2022, basically coming out of nowhere with their blistering debut full length Suffer To Rise through Rottweiler Records.

The intro “Wages Of Sin” leads the way into a track, “Death Tremors”, and I was waiting for brutality to hit me in the face, but was met with a growl instead, which lacked a little of what was needed to give the listener the sort of impact needed from the intro. However, a pretty good track to begin proceedings, stop-start grindcore and breakdowns. “Vindicator” is next up, now this one does meet the standard with low guttural growls, occasional pig squeals and black metal shrieks. Usually not a fan of borderline noise/deathcore, but in this case I’ll make an exception. As their most popular track on Spotify, I can see why.

“Valley Of Slaughter” adds more of a melodic feel to the sound, which compliments what they are wanting to achieve here. Hardcore, mixed with the aggressive bass and drumming and low-tuned guitars adds the well-rounded brutal sound that, I have already immediately liked from the beginning. A favorite, so far. “Silence” already gives me the old school Zao influence and edge, that they held, especially during the early days in the 2000s, which I have always liked. This track nails the constant changes throughout that keeps the listener engaged and giving them the indication that, these guys are more than just making random noise, but proper songwriters, within their field of expertise.

As we head into the somewhat second half of the album, “Demoncratic Society” makes an entrance, that straight away I know this song will kick tail during a live show. Even though I don’t mosh, slam or whatever you kids call it these days (Get off MY LAWN!!!), with this song, again I’ll make an exception. Dirty, brutal breakdowns that continue to be a driving force with this album. “The Cull” executes on point, ripping melodic brushstrokes of sound, and just like the last track, oozes live show set list.

“Abomination” tackles you hard with groove driven aggression, that adds an element within deathcore I fancy. Being completely fast and heavy with no substance in this genre of metal, is openly known throughout the genre. However, Voluntary Mortification are leading the way, with all the right things, so don’t misread this part of the review.

Album title single “Suffer To Rise” addresses the latter part of this beast of an album. Nothing seems to hold these fellas back, mixing all the genre components into one, experimenting with vocals and musical arrangements. “Into Your Hands” is like the outro, but yet intro to the final song of the album “Crush The Serpent’s Head”. Many bands try to make the last song count on any aggressive record, and they had sort of missed it here, just a little, I was half expecting something completely fast and heavy to finalize an album, especially with that title. But, alas no.

Overall, a brutal and well-put-together album. I’m still listening to more deathcore bands as of late, so I’m still educating myself with what the genre offers and the outline of the genre itself. Voluntary Mortification, pat yourselves on the back with a great way to represent in this current metal climate.

The album Suffer To Rise is available everywhere on all streaming services and don’t forget to support the bands, artists, and labels with merch sales. The CD can be found at:

8/10 – Christian Sullivan (The Metal Onslaught Magazine)

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