Nazarites – Chaotic Resemblance (Album Review)

When it comes to new music in 2022, there have been plenty of great recordings making the rounds, as we pursue our goal to cover more bands’ album reviews and to achieve more for the metal community and for the artists who create the music we love.

Chaotic Resemblance are no slackers when it comes to playing live and doing what they do best, rocking it out and preaching the gospel boldly on stage, which to us is something that doesn’t really happen very often these days, especially with the production quality & stage presence that matches the message.

Their third full length and new album Nazarites takes no prisoners as Chaotic hit you in the face with “Wrath Of The Lamb”, expressing a high energy and resolve that gets the blood going. “Driven” is next on the bill, with heavy blues influenced melodic riffs, that carry the song throughout the course of its lifespan, and no-compromise lyrics are displayed, that can be clearly heard.

The hit single “Passover Prophecy”, is typical Chaotic, as with a simple drum beat, that in itself can be so addictive for any listener, which is a testimony to the band’s consistent songwriting skills and knowing how to capture the moment in essence.

As we mentioned a couple of paragraphs ago, the blues riffs continue on the song “Quick and The Dead” with more of a hard rocking country edge, however still maintaining the mainstream feel of crisp and clear sound that you would find on any top selling album. “The Nazarite”, gives you a more bombastic outlook with a prominent bass delivery, as on this particular album Travis O’Connell is responsible for both vocal and bass duties. A blistering solo, thrown in by Logan Ellis, ends the single beautifully.

Their next track “Altar” begins the group’s ballad section of the album, which turns into a worship rock album, but I mean hey……. its Chaotic Resemblance, its what they do. Melodies that carry you through with a slower pace however, you will still find yourself banging your head to some degree, and for me that’s not bad going, if I do say myself.

When we said worship, we actually meant it, we don’t sugar coat anything and neither do these boys. “Hosanna” makes that statement, about their love for Jesus, the Son of the Living God. Mostly we would hear this kind of thing on a CCM album, that is focused on more mainstream success and album sales. But not with Chaotic Resemblance, as they are the real deal, as the trio continue on the trend with their other hit single “Fairest Jesus”, which has found itself dominating the Christian rock charts since its initial release last year. Still one of my personal favorites and their rock driven elements still impact the song in a real positive and energetic way.

“Surrender” returns to the faster more upbeat sound that we have come accustomed to over the years, which I mean – c’mon, its the only way – to head towards the end of an album. Stunning layered guitar solos also make an appearance with this single, which is a nice touch.

Finally, “Unto The Lamb” arrives to finalize this full-length. Just like the earlier songs with fast-paced licks and adding a guest appearance from Oz Fox (Stryper), which I might add, has done a lot with Chaotic, with their overall production, throughout the last two releases “Covenant” and the “Riot Anthem” EP.

Produced by Josiah Prince and co-produced by Andrew Stanton of Disciple, this album kicks every tail there is. A monster release and possibly the best so far, for the lads in Chaotic Resemblance.

You can find the album via Chaotic Resemblance’s website:

9/10 – Christian Sullivan (The Metal Onslaught Magazine)

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