Abated Mass Of Flesh Unleash The Best Yet!!

Seems to be the time of year when brutal bands begin to show their wares in 2022. Without a doubt we at the magazine are quite excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for us, as currently 2022 is becoming a stellar year for new music.

Abated Mass Of Flesh return with a their latest full length album “The Existence Of Human Suffering” which has been released today via their Bandcamp store for five bucks or more or you can grab it on itunes and stream it on all available streaming services. The extreme and brutal death core band have delivered something special for Good Friday.

The band have thanked their fans with the inspiration towards the new album and here is what they had to say:

To our supporters: A while back, we asked you to send us your stories. We wanted to hear what you had to say. Since 2011 we’ve been dissecting the many paths of our pain and struggle through our lyrics. This time, we wanted to hear from you. Surprisingly, we received many stories from you; stories of hope, despair, love, loss, restoration and suicide. We explored these stories to build a theme for this album. “The Existence Of Human Suffering” is a message: that we suffer together and are made stronger through shared experiences. Thank you all for sharing your stories; we hope this album paints a reflection of what you’ve endured.



  1. Realm Of Contorted Perceptions
  2. In The Absence Of Time
  3. Endlessly Carving
  4. Throes Of Depravation
  5. Chambered In Unearthly Decay
  6. Into Hell, Into Shadows
  7. Esoteric Mutilation
  8. Maze Of Detestable Afflictions

Zack Plunkett – Guitars & Bass
Matt Plunkett – Vocals

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jordan Casey
Drums performed by Joe Pelleter
Drums recorded by Mychal Soto @ Slamnasium Recordings
Guest vocals on “Chambered In Unearthly Decay” by Jordan Casey.



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