EXCLUSIVE Announcement – Mythic Panda Acquires Rottweiler Records & Hagah Recordings.

It was only a few short years ago, as I was searching deeper into the world of Christian hard music, to pick up where I had left off many years earlier, that I befriended Shawn Browning on Facebook and then his relatively small-ish label Rottweiler Records which began in 2010.

I saw them presenting bands that I for one had never heard of before and taking on some others with a long history, and exceeding an excellent reputation overall among the listeners and long-time fans. Not to mention donating a bunch of songs for the Meltdown Music UK ministry with the first of the Echoes Of series – helping many artists build their fan base, and expanding those artists’ listener-ship as well outside of their own local areas. This included a wide array of bands such as Abated Mass Of Flesh, Becoming Saints, Brotality, Death Requisite, Final Surrender, Taking The Head Of Goliath & so many more, as the label in itself verged into a semi-major in a relatively short amount of time.

The label paired with Michael Larson (Frost Like Ashes) with the creation of Nosral Recordings in 2017, which focused on the extreme genres of metal that introduced a solo project Symphony Of Heaven and other projects The Beckoning, Children Of Wrath and Light Unseen. But in late 2019, that sister label to Rottweiler Records called it a day.

Soon enough, Rottweiler decided to move their direction once again into harder-sounding metal, though originally they were aiming to be all things punk rock. Hagah Recordings was established in 2020, to cater to the heaviest and most extreme music that was grounded in the ethos that made the label what it was and to grow the ever popular genres. It attracted bands Cruentis, INRI Immortal, Mangled Carpenter and Shadowmourne.

Mythic Panda Productions started as a music video production company which also created The Hasten Revelation Tour alongside Jake Martin (Taking The Head Of Goliath). Over the last 5 to 7 years, owner and founder Jairus Pascale had appeared in two films and expanded his brands in a very successful manner. In May last year (2021), the company announced that they would be expanding yet again into creating a label, and the band Hrada (feat. Peter Espevoll, Extol) was the first act to be signed to it.

Announced today, Mythic Panda Productions has acquired the 12-year-strong label Rottweiler Records and their newer sub-label Hagah Recordings. No sum has been released or confirmed.

Shawn Browning has a written statement to the bands involved and here is what he had to say:

“As you all are quite aware, Rottweiler Records has been a labor of love since 2010. I’ve poured my heart, soul, sweat, blood, tears, and money into this label and sought to serve the artists, rather than the other way around. Sometimes I saw small successes, sometimes I saw failures, but I believe with only a couple exceptions, I saw the name of Jesus lifted up through metal and punk rock.

One of the beautiful things about walking with Jesus is the changing seasons in our faith walks. Most of the time seasons are difficult to determine. At least seasons can be difficult to define when a season is over. But, you know the season is over when you get there. I have reached that point.

However, this “dog” has grown to be a mature, strong animal and as such, Rottweiler Records has now been acquired by Jairus Pascale and Mythic Panda. The future is deemed very bright indeed!

There are HUGE benefits to Jairus heading up Rottweiler Records at this juncture. This is 100% a win/win for everyone. The band and artist contracts will stay intact and possibly be modified slightly for your benefits. Mythic Panda has a studio, video capabilities, marketing in place, distribution in place, and a TEAM of people I did not have. Jairus and I have discussed this at length and we know this will benefit all of you much more than I ever could. I am elated to hand it over to him.

Emotionally, it’s bittersweet because I love you all and want the absolute best for you. I always have. I’m still your brother. I’m still accessible. I’m still here and will assist Jairus and Mythic Panda through the transition. I don’t think I’ve ever steered a single one of you wrong, so I hope you believe and trust what I’m saying here: YOUR LABEL DEAL JUST TOOK A PRETTY BIG JUMP UP. Nothing is being taken away. Things will be added!”

Jairus Pascale’s statement from the acquisition of Rottweiler Records & Hagah Recordings:-

Mythic Panda is so excited to welcome Rottweiler Records into our family. I know many of you personally and I’m so glad we get to serve you know in an even greater capacity. Shawn has grown Rottweiler into something more than just a label, but a family of artists looking to create meaningful impact in this generation.

We are so looking forward to continuing much of what Shawn has laid out, and also, we’re looking forward to bringing you all into a new vision of culture creation and brand diversity.

This is more than a M&A, this is growing two families and seeing where God leads and opens doors as we seek to bring Him worship in the darkest musical corners of the world.

More details will be made known in the very near future!

Mythic Panda Productions. Owner/Director/Producer

We at The Metal Onslaught Online Magazine know and have worked with both gentlemen and ministries and I can tell you this, both men are authentic and passionate in what they do. I believe that this new beginning for Rottweiler Records as an incredibly positive circumstance.



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