Brotality – Brutally Honest Brotherhood

Years ago I swore to my younger self that when I got older I wouldn’t become a cynical old fart. It is still a work in progress! I’ve found that as much as I try to get into more modern music, the more I am drawn back to the glory days of my youth. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who feels this way. In fact, many of today’s generation are embracing the music that I grew up on. It’s true what they say, Rock and Roll will never die, regardless of what Gene Simmons says! As it pertains to the following interview, it seems that old-school thrash metal will never die either, that is as long as bands like Brotality exist. These two brothers Bryce and Reece are keeping the fire alive with their own brand of thrash metal madness which is deeply rooted in the bands of yesteryear. Being that they are transitioning between high school and college and making quite a name for themselves amid their peers I felt the time was right to reach out and have an honest heart to heart with these brilliant lads to discuss just exactly where they’re coming from, where they are going and what they are doing to get there. In a truly candid conversation, we addressed concerns of going to college in a very liberal setting, the reality and impact of their songs on the masses, and how it all translates into some very real consequences both physically and spiritually. Check it out!


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