TIMŌRĀTUS Have Made It…….

You would immediately think straight away by the headlines that the lights of Hollywood, the call of Nashville or tasting In N’ Out burger for the first time could be some of the reasons extreme metal band Timoratus have made it to the destination they probably most humbly desired.

Well………… not really, however the symphony of Timoratus have just released their second brand new single “We Made It”, featured in their upcoming follow up full length album My Life, In A Made Metal Band. If you have never come across these guys (and girl) before, the band consists of Courtney Napier (vocals), David Napier (vocals), Logan Thompson (guitars), Mason Beard (drums) and The Mystery (bass).

Their last record was released last year entitled My Life, In A Mediocre Metal Band (2020) and on CD earlier this year.



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