Testimony Of Sacrament – All New Music Emerges

It was back in 1993 when my family and I were on a road trip to my home town of Geraldton, Western Australia to go to my Nanna’s (my Dad’s mother) funeral, after her bout with Alzheimer’s disease over a period of a few years, that during our free time we visited the local city Christian book store, as we tended to do quite a lot, when visiting other communities.

As we ventured in, I obtained 2 CDs for my small collection that was finding steam at this point with Believer’s Extraction from Mortality and Sacrament’s Testimony Of Apocalypse. Both of these albums were part of my main staple of metal coming from the Christian perspective and faith-oriented bands.

Perhaps you’re thinking why the walk down memory lane which has anything to do with this article…….

The answer to that is that two former members of thrash metal icons Sacrament have formed a new project under the name of their debut full length album Testimony Of Apocalypse (1989). Featuring original vocalist Mike Torone, Nick Pacitti (guitar/bass) and Paul Graham (drums).

News was announced via the band’s Facebook page, explaining that all the former members of Sacrament had been revisiting the possible idea of a reunion album. However currently all have decided not to pursue that possibility just yet, but rather work on their current projects. Testimony Of Apocalypse will continue the path of old school thrash metal as the band works on brand new material. Paul Graham promises that this isn’t a cover band but, all new music that needs to be shared.

That all new music is currently in the recording phase and is expected to be released this coming fall 2021.



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