Detritus – Myths (Review)

The long-awaited third Detritus album has finally arrived. With an official release date of February 19th, 2021, the album titled Myths is the first new release from the band in 28 years! It is reasonable to assume that the band over the past two decades has evolved, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that this certainly is not the same Detritus that you may recall from back in the day. Not exactly anyway. 

Having always prided themselves as having an experimental element within their musical mindset, the sound texture on Myths is exceptionally wrought with exactly that progressive mentality that sets them apart from their contemporaries. Mostly gone are any notions of the thrash roots that shaped their early years. What remains is a music that is dark, heavy, brooding and much of the time unpredictable to say the least.  

What you can expect is an atmosphere where nearly anything is possible including electronic drum sounds and choir like vocals – “Bloodstained Glass,” as well as rhythmically charged go getters such as the first single and video released, “Bright Black,” and “Forever Soldier,” which is perhaps the closest thing found here that resembles the bands previous releases. There is deep seeded emotion pouring throughout every song and although it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what the guys are trying to convey, one cannot help but to be drawn into their plight by the alluring beck and call of the music, just check out the melancholic charm of “Exoria” and you will understand with greater clarity what I’m alluding to. Vocalist/bassist Mark Broomhead is a unique voice for sure and does a splendid job of wearing his heart on his sleeve. By their own admission, or at least according to guitarist Paul Newington Wise, whom I reached out to in order to answer a couple questions, their lyrical content these days is more or less open to interpretation. The Christian lyrics that were once so blatant with the band’s first two releases are no more sans the song “Pharisee,” which is actually pretty straight forward. The band contain both Christian believers and non-believers in their ranks these days. 

I loved this album from the first time I heard it but if the truth is to be told, it has grown exponentially on me with each subsequent spin. Detritus’ resurrection is without exception Metal music that is far above today’s standards. Myths is the perfect place for the guys to re-enter the scene. Given the proper push and exposure, this album could do wonders for the band. I look forward to more subsequent releases and a tour of the states already! 


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