Date Confirmed For Debut Album

You know….. I do enjoy writing about the nice guys of the metal scene, regardless of where they are….. or where they are based, even to the point of what kind of lives they lead, it just makes for an interesting story.

One guy in particular who is no stranger in trying to keep active throughout the world’s ongoing dramas and also as I refer as one of my close friends over the time since his thrash metal band Crushing The Deceiver burst onto the scene through Roxx Records.

Now that I have let the literal cat out of the bag! Grant Mohler has been hard at work, not only trying to keep his burger business Cravings open in Fresno, California during this ordeal and still keeping active with his thrash band Crushing The Deceiver. However, mainly he has been finalizing his debut release for his new slamming death metal band Mohler.

The brother duo Mohler featuring Grant Mohler (vocals) and Brian Mohler (drums, guitar, bass and backing vocals) have announced a due date for their debut album Death Is Defeated which is expected to be released in March 2021 through Grant’s other band’s label Roxx Records.

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