We Are Resolute

Sometimes life can feel just as a constant flow of music, releases and sounds that flushes over you and there are simply too many different kinds to even try to get into. Even though I listen to music everyday, I periodically end up listening to the same list of artists and songs, but then occasionally I stumble on something that is simply too interesting to just let pass by. Scrolling through YouTube, I found an interesting song called “Mad At God” in which I heard a familiar voice and plus I also really liked the arrangement of the song and decided to find out more about the release and the people behind it.

We Are Resolute is a project based out of Holland, Michigan USA.

The current lineup is:

Dale Thompson (vocals)

Bryan Carman (guitarist/songwriter)

John Mokma (drummer, guitar & bass) *All recording and early mixing.*

The debut album Shine The Light was released on July 31st 2020 through Roxx Records. The mix and mastering for three of the songs was done by Rex Carroll from Whitecross (“Mad at God”, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “Your Enemy”) with the seven other tracks handled by Garret Thomas of The Thomas Thompson Earth Project.


  1. Inside
  2. Chasing Shadows
  3. Crazy
  4. Shine the Light
  5. Your Enemy
  6. DonĀ“t Listen
  7. Why I Cry
  8. Mad at God
  9. Kingdom of Heaven
  10. We Will See Him

Two of the tracks that were released as singles in 2019 were “Your Enemy” and “Mad at God”.

Since I love Christian rock and the old school rock sound I messaged the band’s site and got an interview with Bryan Carman:

What inspires you in your songwriting? 

Influences for my writing are mainly, the Bible and life experiences. I’m constantly writing down song ideas during church, at work, etc. The goal is to lead the lost to Jesus and help the born again walk with Him thru music.

Which would you say are your influences?

Aerosmith, AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Boston, Stryper, Whitecross, Guardian, Bloodgood, Petra, Whiteheart and of course Bride.

You also hit some charts during 2020. Please mention some? 

For The Love Of Metal‘s Facebook page had us at #66 out of 100.

The Christian Metalheads International Facebook page had a top 20 vote and we ended up #10.

How do you hope to influence people with your music?

We would love to influence people in a bunch of ways, first and foremost would be through our music, pushing lyrics which lead them to Christ. Secondly, help people that already know Jesus, to live for Him more because our music got them excited! Thirdly, influence the younger generation to write and play music for the Kingdom!

Do you got any favorite Scripture you like to share? 

Too many favorites to tell you a single one, but my go-to is always, Romans 10:8-10.

Upcoming release in 2021:

Currently the guys are working on their second release, Only Human.

It’s scheduled for July 2021 with an incredible lineup!

Dale Thompson – vocals, Bryan Carman, writing/guitars, John Mokma on drums/guitar/recording/percussion, Troy Thompson – cello ( Symphony of Heaven), Chaz Bond – vocals (Alter of Me), Dave Hulsey – rhythm guitar (Alter of Me) and Lydia Carman – piano/keys/backing vocals.

Written by MetalMira 6 February 2021



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