New Era For Bloodlines

The state of Texas is renowned for their metal groups from all known genres, whether they be the almighty Pantera, Black Funeral, Galactic Cowboys, Kings X or Hellyeah. We find the quality of artists from the southern American state has become more accessible towards global listeners, and now are finding more of them being recognized by the powers that give these bands a shot at the world stage.

Metalcore has somewhat been a genre that never seems to go away, however I don’t say this out of any disappointment as we see that there are still many bands active within that genre, even though the height of popularity has diminished since the most popular years between 2005 – 2015, but yet it is still maintaining a strong fan base.

The renowned label Facedown Records which has been home to such bands as Impending Doom, Extol, For Today, In The Midst Of Lions, Flesh Killer and the forever popular War Of Ages, has just announced the signing of Texan 4-piece metalcore band Bloodlines to be the latest addition to their ever-growing family.

Bloodlines have been compared to other known identities such as Convictions, Impending Doom and For Today, for their only simple message is to spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ. The band consists of Alexis Rodriguez – vocals, Daniel Camacho – guitars, Aldo Mayorga – bass and Matthew Benavides – drums/vocals. Their brand new single “Colder” was released today on the 5th of February, 2021 and is out now in all streaming outlets, followed by their 5 song EP entitled HEVEL, which is expected for release this coming spring/summer 2021.

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