Carry The Fire Again – Millennial Reign (EP Review)

Our year seems to be building stronger within the musical fields that have been spanked by this ongoing pandemic, that still has left many people in the music industry out of work and struggling for their very own lives.

However, behind the scenes many artists and bands are continually using this time for their creativity to roll out and having a positive impact on those of us who have missed the days of live shows and experiencing a thriving industry.

Symphonic power metal band Millennial Reign are just one of those bands who are forever pushing the envelope with their constant hard work ethic, as they showcase the talents of the new stunning and incredible lead vocalist Tiffany Galchutt, who has been with the band since late 2018, as she took over from former vocalist Travis Wills featured on the band’s previous full length album The Great Divide. Also featuring in the band are founding member Dave Harvey (guitars), Neil Burtrand (bass) and Steve Nichols (drums).

Their brand new independently released EP Carry The Fire Again will have your ears tingling with gladness once again as they continually bring the power and energy that has been a trademark of the band for over 10 years in existence.

Beginning with the single “Way Up High” a delightful use of symphonic keyboards are used, followed with such a tight arrangement, polished sound, a powerfully melodic, blistering solo and the ease of Tiffany’s vocal type compliments the overall balance of the track that makes the song into a tidy and perfect introduction for their new vocalist on a production scale.

The song “Millennial Reign” follows up with a much more hard rock take that forms a strong mold and makes intelligent use of elements, while still having a substantial and dominant melodic barrier and a guitar solo that is woven very intricately into the course of the track.

“Innocent Cry” makes its way next with an Egyptian musicianship feel as they structured the melodies and guitar work with that kind of theme, especially with symphonic keys added for that extra flavour that layers into a well-rounded and incredible track that just speaks volumes for itself, while you lose yourself within the moment.

Finally, “Men Stand Alone” takes the podium with such a influential element of Iron Maiden, which can be heard throughout the introduction of the song and beyond. And in all fairness there is nothing wrong with combining the feel of one of the greatest metal bands in the world into your music when it fits in just right as they storm into their own unique creative spark that can be felt across the truly epic delivery. An anthemic guitar solo reinforces the overall heart-felt resolve of the track.

My final thoughts are that, with the introduction of Tiffany and her beautiful vocal capabilities. Millennial Reign have completely outdone themselves. The production quality is the most noticeable and also Dave Harvey’s first official effort at producing this masterpiece. This EP, Carry The Fire Again, is completely well balanced all throughout and the future of the Millennial Reign is looking very bright indeed.

  1. Way Up High
  2. Millennial Reign
  3. Innocent Cry
  4. Men Stand Alone

Christian Sullivan 10/10 – The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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