New Extreme Sub Label Expected To Create Waves


As the structures of metal evolve, extreme metal genres tend to be the current norm over the last decade or so, with black metal and their blackened influenced counterparts being the major contributors towards the rise of bands and solo artists that we are seeing currently in the world of metal.

We seem to see a vast incline with the love affair towards the death and black metal genres with many bands, using growling and shrieking vocal techniques that stems from the pure aspects of the genre. As well the structural elements that we find within the works of these bands whose members were involved in the progression of the early days for these experimental offerings within the black metal composure with groups such as Zao, Children Of Bodom, Agony Scene and Impending Doom and also to those who have joined the party in creating these other genre changes to fit the current trends that we see from bands with members from long ago, that were recently formed, including popular metal band Deny The Fallen featuring Rey Parra and Johnathon Johnson of the Sacred Warrior fame.

The semi major record label Rottweiler Records boss Shawn Browning has just launched the brand new extreme sub label Hagah Recordings which is focused on the raw and extremes of black and death metal. The label is currently signing bands and artists which haven’t been revealed at this time, but we wait with curiosity on how this all plays out.

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