Forfeit Thee Untrue In Writing Mode

The South African metal community just like everyone around us in all the local scenes around the world have been effected by the goings on, that quite frankly I’ve heard enough of, as we all know in hindsight. Since, the last release of Adorned In Ash‘s final album Apocalyptic Violence in December 2019, there has been no activity throughout the South African Christian metal family.

Rottweiler Records metalcore band Forfeit Thee Untrue through their founding member and drummer Craig Palmer revealed via Facebook on Sunday that the trio, featuring Kenny Smith (Vocals & Guitars) and Corne Jansen Van Vuuren (Guitars) are currently writing new material for the band which hasn’t seen a full length release since their debut Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam in 2016 and their last single in 2019s “Halo Crippled“.

Not too much has been revealed at this time, as the band are keeping a lid what is to come and when…. We are hoping for a 2021 release, will keep you up to date as we know more in the next coming months.

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