Introducing Diamonds to Dust – Corpus Christi To Blow Our Minds

At the lasts breaths of this year we are given an EP from a band with a sound that is easiest to label as Christian deathcore.

The band hails from Poughkeepsie, New York, US and started in 2012. After some lineup changes past the years they are now a five men act that has come together on the premise that people with different experiences and stories can come together and make music.

Line up:

Christian Roche – Lead vocals Brandon Zablocki – Lead guitar Barry Hogue – Rhythm guitar and backing vocals Brandon Whitaker – Bass player and backing vocals Melvin Hogue – Drums

Record Label – Manifest Records


Faith Through Trials (2014)

Sense of Freedom (2016)

Aging of the Weary (2017)

Conservation of the Spirit (2018)


Decisions (2020)

The Instrumental EP (2020)


Saturate (2017)

A letter to Someone in Need (2019)

Diamond Pierced Eyes (2019)

The Devil’s Forge (2019)

Faith or Desire (2020)

Dissonant Truth (2020)

Corpus Christi (2020)

During these years the sound has shifted between the deathcore and some more melodic metal with clean vocals. At the hole a very great discography to listen to. From the latest Ep I must put your attention to the latest single Corpus Christi.

I thought I heard the most metal styles whilst listening to all sorts of metal during my three decades as a metal fan, but this is jaw-dropping. The sound of this band is something special and anyone who doesn’t just scroll away after reading the words metal core will feel it too. There is a special vibe about the energy, how the song is produced and the lyrics that are taken and inspired from Gospel of Luke and the book of Revelation. It has surely been a great year for Christian metal, but for me this is THE Christian metal song of 2020.

So what makes it so great? First of all I don’t believe a song can get more bass driven than this. The hole thing starts with an amazing bassline, fills up with a great drumbeat, then the snare drum keeps filling and lifting the song, the shredding and sweep picking on the guitar is awesome, the vocal rage of the lead singer is unbelievable. And the breakdowns? The song contains two great ones. Sudden pianosounds are building up the last one further. All this make the song worth to play on repeat. The last one at the end of the song makes me dance in my living room daydreaming I’m at a live show.

On their Facebook page the guys humbly state “We are a band dedicated to making music for the Lord Almighty”. I want to state that this is the power of God put in to tunes.

Authorized To Crank It UP!!

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