Superunknown Release New D45

Indian metal has been on the move for some time over the last few years with bands like Final Surrender and newest export R.A.I.D., both ironically signed to Fort Wayne independent giants Rottweiler Records.

Most importantly, and one of the main reasons that R.A.I.D. may ring many bells to many readers (or not), is that Reuben Issac, the founder and vocalist of the band, has also for some time been involved with an additional venture, Superunknown. His new creative endeavor shows some differences to his previous outings, which includes alternative metal and grunge output – other than the rapcore, hardcore, and punk aspects that we have been so accustomed to. With the band also signed to Rottweiler Records just like his counterpart project, they released a brand new D45 titled “Leap Of Faith” via all digital platforms yesterday on 8 November 2020.

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