Eightball Cholos: The Final Album and 20 Guest Vocalists

Eightball Cholos is a hardcore punk and crossover thrash metal band that began in 1983 as The Warning, changing their name in 1996 to what it is now. Under the current name, the band only released one album, Satan’s Whore which was released through Morphine Records. The album came out in 1996 and it seemed the band was done.

However, in a resurgence, David Villalpando revived Eightball Cholos and is working on the final album, which is set to be 20 tracks long. And also will feature 20 guest vocalists from many notable bands. Because it is such a long list, lining them up would be difficult to read, so here they are one at a time.

Luke Easter (ex-Tourniquet)
Luke Renno (ex-Crimson Thorn, Taking the Head of Goliath)
Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice)
Peter Espevoll (Extol)
Julio Rey (The Lead)
Ninah Fatow Llopis (The Lead)
Timothy M. Mann (Focused)
Jason Campbell (ex-Mortification, Undercurrents)
Mark Salomon (The Crucified, Stavesacre)
Mark Miller
Grant Mohler
(Crushing the Deceiver, Mohler)
Bill Walden
Billy Power
Scott Waters (Ultimatum, ex-Once Dead)
Edie Schmaltz Goodwin (Headnoise)
Jason Berggren (ex-Strongarm)
Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D.)
Todd Stevens (XL and DBD)
Collin Cuevas
Abel Gomez (Lament)

The album, titled A Letter To The 7 Churches, will finish out Eightball Cholos‘ career with 20 new songs, with the release date of mid-2021.



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