Grave Robber Plagued Again

Since this pandemic started, many bands and artists have had to stop performing due to the Covid guidelines which has seen many musicians fall away, or maybe kicking up their social media presence another notch. Many have also used this time to write new material or to switch members, as this long-winded wait continues.

Horror punk band Grave Robber, like most of the artists on Rottweiler Records, have continued to move forward like Covid doesn’t even exist. So much so, that the band have been plagued once again with a brand new addition to the band, drummer Justin Ramage, to take the duties of Plague Grave Robber. The band has made this announcement:

Enter Justin Ramage as Plague Graverobber on drums.

Justin’s audition tonight as our new drummer left us all very excited to venture forth as a powerful unit. Justin bring YEARS of punk rock drumming into The Grave Robber camp. He’s an explosive, energetic, powerful, AND theatrical drummer. A natural born performer!

We are looking forward to splattering a stage real soon and thrilled to have Justin as Plague Graverobber thrashing and slashing behind the kit.

Just like Grave Robber themselves, we are looking forward to what Justin can do behind the kit. If the news is true from the band then we are up for some quality and precision drum techniques that will mesmerize us all.

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