Bringing the Band Back Together

Long ago, Tourniquet was a heavy hitting progressive thrash metal band that truly hit their stride only a few albums in. As time progressed though, members drifted away and a lot of strife occurred. In 2020, Gary Lenaire announced that he was, in a way, getting the band back together.

Lenaire, who formed Tourniquet in 1989, has been recording solo material since about 2004, after his other band, Echo Hollow, disbanded. Recently, however, Lenaire hired Luke Easter and Guy Ritter, who are both former vocalists of Tourniquet, to return to the studio at the same time and record vocals for the release, as well as hiring former Tourniquet and 2050 guitarist Erik Mendez to return.

Bassist Victor Macias (2050, ex-Deliverance) is the only former member of Tourniquet in that timeframe who has not been officially announced to be performing. Filling the drum throne, however, is David Husvik of Extol and Azusa fame.

This new project under Gary Lenaire’s solo artist name is currently beginning to record the new material.

In the meantime, while we wait, enjoy some Tourniquet, 2050, and Azusa!

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