Thlipsis: A New Force Joins The Bearded Dragon Productions

Thlipsis, a thrash metal project that originated out of Lafayette, Indiana, has officially signed with The Bearded Dragon Productions. The band, created by Hyperion Zhang, started back in 2018, as an effort to bring about a way of writing about issues he cared about and things that needed to be addressed from a Christ-follower’s perspective.

Recently, he published the lyrics to the first song the project has delved into, “Darkness Breakout”. His reasoning behind the release of the lyrics and not the finished track was the following.

I started this project almost 2 years ago, it was about Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. A protest, turned into riots, and eventually a bloody military crackdown that China has been wishing people to forget about. Writing the song is my way to face the pain, let go my anger, and also let other people know about others’ pains and sufferings. As many of you are aware of, China just passed a new national security law that tightens its control over Hong Kong, and people there have been protesting regardless of COVID-19. I want to use this song-to-be to call out the darkness over the censorship and different types of crackdowns in China, and support the pursuit of freedom in Hong Kong.
Also, I want to use this as an opportunity to respond to all the Black Lives Matter protests in the US. I grew up in a culture with no diversity and to be honest, I lack understanding sometimes when it comes to races. I want to learn how I can help, as a friend, as a musician, as a follower of Christ. But I know we are all made equally in the image of God, and what has been happening in the States is injustice towards the weak, oppressed people and groups. But whoever the oppressors are, either corrupted cops or dictators, they are under the influence of the one that steals, kills, and destroys. This song-to-be tells a story of what he has done.
The project is named Thlipsis, it’s a Greek word that means tribulation, pains, troubles. It appears in the Gospel of John 16:33 “In the world you will have Thlipsis. But take heart; I have overcome the world” –Jesus Christ
I pray that in this time of tribulation, and all the tribulations to come, some of you may find his promising trustworthy and find hope in it.

Zhang, who has mainly focused on guitars over the years, also performs in the local Indiana metalcore and hard rock band, Risen, alongside The Bearded Dragon Productions founder, Mason Beard, who plays drums for Risen.

“I am extremely honored to have my good friend Hyperion on this label alongside me. Hyperion is an amazingly talented musician, but more importantly, a very humble person who has a passion for Christ like I have never seen before. Growing up where he did, its amazing to see someone so dedicated and outspoken about his beliefs. I am very excited to share Thlipsis with the World very soon!”

Thlipsis will be releasing material soon.

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