Women in Christian Metal

Not actually being a radical feminist I still want to take this day to draw some attention to women in metal, proving that Christian metal is not only alive and well, but also up-to-date with many great female-fronted bands and projects going on.

Here are some mentionable women active in Christian metal that have had albums and videos released, and/or also have been touring actively during the past two years.

Alina Lewandowska, Poland

Alina is the frontwoman and songwriter of I.N.D (In Nomine Dei), and one half of the project At Home. It’s easy to fall in love with her very distinct rock voice and stage presence. It’s very clear that she loves to sing and perform, but she’s definitely no diva. Her desire is to create music to share with people, to lift up how great God is, and at the same time, to enjoy making music together with other musicians who share the same vision and passion for creating music, and she hopes for others to be healed by The Living God.

And below a video with a song from the project she has together with Dave Hanson, In the Verse, USA:

Lorraine Brodie of ENOCH, New Zealand

Out of Auckland, New Zealand, the band Enoch brings a unique and powerful sound to Christian metal. Lorraine’s ability to switch from aggressive to clean vocals so quickly is very impressive. Together with her band they add something that has been missing from the Christian metal scene when it comes to the more brutal realms.

CJ English, Maggie English and LuLu English of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, aka “GFM”.

Three sisters from Jacksonville, Florida, USA – and they’re on a quest trying to establish the genre of beautycore. It’s not all fun and play with these teens, the lyrics take up many topics concerning their generation, but also pointing out that faith in Christ is the hope for all of us. With their sparkling personalities, love for the music and their fans, they are also the perfect role models for the newest generation of female Christian metalheads.

Priscila Lira of Angels Fire, Brazil

Her wide-ranging operatic voice really lifts up the sound of this band. Any fan of symphonic metal that likes Nightwish, Epica, or HB should also enjoy this. Active for almost 15 years and with an album released in 2018, the hope lives that this beautiful sounding symphonic act, will come to perform in US and Europe one of these days.

Shannon Graham of World Breaker

Shannon is fronting this melodic/progressive metal band of two, based out of Springfield, Missouri, USA. Creating music together with her husband, Jay Graham, they officially became a band in February 2019, although both have been a part of the music world for many years prior. Their first full-length album dropped as recently as January 1st, 2020.

This was a selection of what has come out during the last two years. Since me and the guys actively look for material to write and post about Christian metal, there will be new bands to listen to and all sorts of releases worth mentioning during the coming year. Be sure to look for posts from The Metal Onslaught to catch up on the latest news on bands, releases and about what´s going on in the community of Christian heavier music.



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