Elgibbor Rises Again

The famed Elgibbor has returned from their hiatus with a full lineup, rather than continuing as a solo project, run by Jarek “Fire“ Pozarycki.

The project began in 1999, originally created by Fire, and has released 14 full-length albums and several other releases in its span as a project. In 2017, at AudioFeed in Illinois, the project performed its first live show with Fire on guitars, Nyk “Azahel” Edinger on vocals (Frost Like Ashes, Ninth Sphere), Michael “Sebat“ Larson on guitars (Frost Like Ashes, The Holy Hand of Winter), Aaron “Ruah” Kirby (Ascending King, Thief on the Cross) on bass, and Michael ”Taberah” Carriker (Katharos, Tordenskrall) on drums.

The band, returning from its hiatus, is currently working on a new album, with the same lineup from AudioFeed, save for Taberah, whose place was taken by Logan “Pathos” Thompson (Symphony of Heaven, The Holy Hand of Winter). Prepare for a new release coming soon!



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