Ascending King Inks Deal With Christian Metal Underground

Ascending King has been a part of the metal community for a number of years now, who have made a big impact in spite of their small discography. The band was associated with SkyBurnsBlack Records and released Genesis of Desolation”, and then they signed with Nosral Recordings and released an EP and a single until Nosral went under.

Now, the raw atmospheric blackened doom metal artist known as Ascending King has joined with Christian Metal Underground, a subsidiary of Vision of God Records, joining the family of several great artists such as Dawnbreaker and Timōrātus.

The project, consisting of only Ruah, who had previously been a part of the metalcore band Dryline, has been active since 2015. In that time, they have released some phenomenal material, most recently Lignum Vitae. Check the song out below!

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