A Black Doom Awaits: Ascending King Announces New Album Coming Soon

Ascending King is officially writing and recording their debut album, set to be released through Nosral Recordings.

Ascending King began in 2015 as a solo project of Aaron Kirby, who would later be known simply as Ruah. The band released a single titled “Genesis of Desolation” via SkyBurnsBlack Records before signing with Nosral Recordings. Following the project’s signing with Nosral, the band recorded and released their debut EP, titled Funeral of a Species. Over the next few years, Ruah would also be involved in Elgibbor, Unblack Metal Fist, and Symphony of Heaven.

In 2019, the band released their latest single, “Lignum Vitae“, which also featured Sebat Frost of Frost Like Ashes. With the single’s release, Ruah made it a point to state that the next release would be much more doom and black metal styled than the previous song, with sludge also being incorporated.



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