Trve Pentecostal Black Metal: Shekinah Finishes Up New Album

Shekinah, one of the latest projects in the black metal uprising headed up by the Nocturnal Servant, has announced their latest venture; a full-length album titled Freedom. The album, consisting of seven tracks in total, is set to be released through The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Shekinah began as a side project of Nocturnal Servant‘s to spend time honing his songwriting skills, while his original band, Proven Existence was placed on hold briefly. Shekinah, alongside Brainkrusher, Goatscorge, What Brings Ruin, and Mindgames all debuted releases through The Bearded Dragon Productions in 2019, to warm reception of a cold genre. The project has previously released a single titled “Apostasy” and an EP titled Spiritual Darkness. The band’s newest album will be released on December 20, 2019, but in the meantime, enjoy their latest single, “Disciples of Truth” below!

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