Drumming Away: The Abrasive Realization Adds New Member

The Abrasive Realization, the latest signing to Nosral Recordings, has officially added on a new member. Recently, the band made the announcement that Symphony of Heaven and Mystic Winter member Mason Beard would be joining the band as their official drummer.

The Abrasive Realization originated in 2018 under the name Dead Human Prophecies, with the lineup of David Coats on instrumentation, Ryan Sanders on spoken word, and Mark Goodnight on vocals. Logan Thompson (Symphony of Heaven) joined the band soon thereafter on as their guitarist, which led to Coats simply taking over programmed drums and bass. However, the lineup shifted drastically from there, with both Sanders and Goodnight departing from the band. David Napier of Timōrātus and Symphony of Heaven took over the positions of both former members. The three carried on until they decided to change their name, to avoid confusion with a band with a similar name.

The band’s debut is will be released through Nosral Recordings in mid-late 2019, with Beard re-recording the album’s programmed material.

P.S. Yes I know I wrote about my induction to the band. Don’t hate the player, hate the…well you know how the saying goes.



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