Vengeance Is Rising In Early 2020

Whenever we talk or reminisce about thrash metal bands from the late ’80s era and into the early ’90s, there has always been ONE band that makes that list. We constantly hear of the big four with the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax but, Vengeance Rising has always been one band that tends to keep within the traditional elements of the genre.

Via the Vengeance Rising Facebook page, Roxx Records, based in Los Angeles, California, will be reissuing a limited run of all four albums from the Vengeance Rising discography on CD and vinyl in early 2020, with no specific dates confirmed.

The reissued albums will include Human Sacrifice (1988), Once Dead (1990), Destruction Comes (1991) and Released Upon The Earth (1992).

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