The Building Of Our Becoming Sons

There was a time when I got back into the metal industry a few years ago, especially within our Christian metal circles and family, that I was educating, or rather re-educating myself with many bands from the past that, I either remembered or knew about and also, the bands that I wasn’t overly or not familiar with.

Since I was out of the industry for 14 years it was a very long time in between drinks from what or who I knew. I was introduced to labels like Rottweiler Records, SkyBurnsBlackRecords, Roxx Records, Thumper Punk Records and the list goes on and on and on.

I was somewhat in shock with the level of talent that had emerged over the last years and also how much smaller the Christian metal industry had become all across the broader spectrum throughout the globe. There was one particular band that through my searching for new bands and material that I came across, Becoming Sons.

Becoming Sons, hailing from San Antonio, Texas, are slowly building their personnel as they just announced their brand new vocalist Roger Garza to the group. Describing themselves as metal praise-core with their mixture of metal, hard rock and metalcore, is something to behold. Their high intensity and creative surroundings that have made them a band that will make waves across our airwaves and in the general public’s eye.

Since their debut EP Flesh To Death released last year, the band are currently looking for a guitarist to finalise the group. Visit the band’s Facebook page for details.

Their debut E.P. “Flesh To Death” is available on and available for streaming on Spotify and all leading digital outlets.

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