“Dawn Of Destruction” The Persuaded “Album Review)

The thing about bands and artists these days, is there is such a glut of music out there, that there is more than you can throw a stick at. Especially those who can create their own opus, that can still relate to a lot of what is around these days, but they also have to have special spark about them that will make bands stand out within the ever-saturated listener base. Which I’m sure you will become, one of the persuaded.

When it comes to Nashville, Tennessee, the first thing you think of is big name stars of yesteryear with a huge history of rock n’ roll, blues and of course country music. Within the musical hub in the central states many artists and bands have a dream of creating music and becoming the next big thing! As with other artists and bands that toil just to be heard by a certain few before they get their big break!!

The Persuaded, even though a young band, have worked and toiled like the rest of them. Their hard work ethic has been noticed by local new major label Rockfest Records, which signed the band back in March 2018. With already two EPs under the belt as well as countless touring dates for the band, the boys are now starting to hit the sweet spot with their brand new debut album Dawn Of Destruction.

The album pushes in with an eerie intro “The Dawn” with a slight electronic Zao and Deuteronomium piano influence and sound which that in itself is a superb way to start off with anything that a band tries to produce.

“Forced Silence”tuned down aggression followed by speedy blackened likeness with a edge that neatly blends to the melodic djent approach which expands the track with the boldness it portrays with harmonised clean vocals to create the balance between that and the aggressive approach.

Next track “Unashamed” is more of what is known by the band The Persuaded throughout their current career as they revisit the dominant clean melodic vocal. It’s hard to describe if you don’t know the band all that well but, their electronica elements still carry the song through the more current direction of heavy music in the commercial sense that reaches the wider broad marketplace.

As for “To My Brothers” the balance of both worlds with aggressive bearing intensity and  clean cut emo-ish vocals, still maintain the craftsmanship and musical prowess that makes this track very well balanced and the direct intentional step forward that is expected.

The bands hit single “Wolves” is up next, rocking the tune that sees these boys step up with their songwriting skills that already are evident with the tightness and kinship between the fellas which really shows as their similarities to Linkin Park instyle are coming through in fine effect.

When “Lost Souls” breaks in with the balance of what we expect with their pop metalcore sound that seems to dominate with the current mainstream at present, as it features a fast melodic pace with soothing breakdowns that caters a smooth but yet special bond as it breaks into the pop-driven choruses.

“Betrayal” graces us with more of a rock ballad, thus with its groove-driven guitar sound and resolve that keeps with the overall structure of their delivery, the breakdown is awesome at the three-quarter-mark of the song with distorted vocals that don’t let you forget exactly where they are at from this point.

“Heavy Heart” brings a different element to the band which has been an “in” thing for as long as I remember, with metal bands of old showing us their heartfelt rock ballads with genuine acoustics and grace. This would be described as a worship song that you would hear at a Hillsong event, but in saying this, the song will speak to many people who can relate to this brand of music which I think is a very positive outlay to reach even those who really need that encouragement.

“Save Me” isn’t a new song with the band as a certain few songs from previous EPs that have made their way onto their debut release. Still keeping with the ongoing tradition from the boys, it’s still flowing with the melodic hard rock/metalcore structure as their heartfelt groove and compassion is continually displayed.

The band presents next the track “Break” which suddenly feels that it’s not very long until the end of the current journey, as they are still running down the path of the last couple of songs and the intro of the song does give you that electronic currency that breaks (no pun intended of course) with that smooth edge, more dominant breakdowns clean and raw vocals that you would have by now know that it is what it is.

Which brings me to the last roll of the dice for The Persuaded, their final song “The Fire” was originally featured on the bands last EP “Broken & Reborn”. This is a personal favourite of mine but, the updated version of the single which to be completely honest, even though the recording and mastering is much more improved and present than the last recording I still prefer the original. With the bold and upfront lyrics “Holy Spirit, fall on me like thrones of fire that burn away, Holy Spirit, rain on me and burn away my SIN….” Still an incredible song with a heart-driven and heartfelt delivery that the band has intentionally destined it for. Overall a great release from this young hard working band, I did find it repetitive at some stages but, the growth of the The Persuaded with Dawn Of Destruction has shown me that these guys can and will certainly last the distance.

Available at: http://www.rockfestrecords.com/dawn-of-destruction/

Christian Sullivan — 8/10

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