Out with the old, in with the new…sort of

Sacrificium has been a relatively dormant beast for about six years now, informing us of a few things here and there, most notably the departure of guitarist Matthias Brandt in 2015, then the departures of his replacement Daniel Maucher, and bassist Thorston Brandt, Matthias’ brother, in 2017.

In 2019, however, the band was reborn, despite the exit of longtime drummer Mario Henning, with their upcoming EP, The Avowal of the Centurion, as well as news of their next full-length coming in 2020.

When Henning departed, the band searched once more for a replacement, finally coming to the decision of Thorston Brandt rejoining the band as their drummer, after being their bassist for 5 years.

The lineup currently consists of Claudio Enzler on vocals, Wolfgang Nillies on guitars, Frederik Berger on guitars, Ulrike Uhlmann on bass, and Thorson Brandt on drums.

The Avowal of the Centurion will be made available in the early part of this year.



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