Introducing Pierre Oppliger

When you think of guitar legends and talents, you think of people like Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, Jeff Scheetz, Tommy Emmanuel, and Eddie Van Halen. In fact, the list goes on with many very talented individuals that have graced our ears and hearts for generations, through the art of music whether acoustic or electric.

I first met Pierre Oppliger (also known as Pepe) back in May 2018, during the Meltdown Retreat, and you could have not have met such a humble, gentle and warm guy in your life. But, as soon as he hit the stage with his fellow band mates Stephen Salalila and Rich Taylor and former vocalist Bradley Meakings of U.K. band Rifferspock, not only did you watch a show, but with some great guitar work that is becoming a lost art with a lot of young musicians with their technicality and striving to do some serious guitar solos that still sit in my fond memories.

This young man hailing from Switzerland has graced us with a Jeff Scheetz cover, “Platform Shoes” that sees a different side to Pepe with his funk grooves and licks.

This music video reminds me of side projects of extreme metal guitar genius Ole Børud (Flesh Killer/Extol) with the soulful and unique side of this man’s talents.

So, The Metal Onslaught would like to welcome to the world rock and metal community the future of Christian rock n’ roll – Pierre Oppliger!

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