Frozen Fortress, Enthroned in White

Sylvan Fortress has been prepping to release music for years now, so much that excitement has almost reached its peak. The music seems to finally be getting recorded. In 2017, excitement intensified when Ronny Hansen of Antestor, Grave Declaration, and Vaakevandring fame joined the ranks of the lineup, alongside Charles Powell on guitars, Luke Renno of Taking the Head of Goliath and Crimson Thorn fame on bass, and Shawn Cameron of Carnifex and Demonic Extinction on drums. A Christian metal supergroup if there ever was one, even before the Temple of Perdition lineup transition, with Renno and Hansen joined on.

On January 1st, Powell began working on guitars for the EP. February 5th, Derek Corzine of Blood Thirsty, Syringe and formerly of Bloodline Severed revealed he had finished working on the release, with orchestration in a Viking metal style. The EP, Enthroned on White, is in the process of recording, and hopefully the release will be out before the end of the year.

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