Threnody – Death Requisite Review

Coming out of Florida, there have been some serious acts of extreme music emerging from the southeastern end of the United States. Death Requisite are one of those unique bands that have created such a stir and excitement within the metal circles, especially as soon as you hear that a new EP is about to hit.

The follow up to the band’s 2016 full length Revisitation through Rottweiler Records based in Fort Wayne, Illinois, Threnody is one of those releases that captivates you.

Death Requisite are keeping with their symphonic metal roots for this six-track EP, continuing with current label Rottweiler Records.

The first track “Primogeniture” begins with dark brooding piano and strings as it leads up to blissfuloperatic vocals by Johanna Fincher and classic clean Gothic undertones. Death Requisite break into their signature blackened death metal landscapes, with the fast paced hits and intense vocals by Vincent St James tearing the song to shreds. Shortly thereafter, the band change tempo to a much more slower and darker Gothic creation that changes the mood of the song but, still keeps to the blackened side of the band.

Their next single “Tormentor” leaves the listener breathless with the brutality that Death Requisite are well known for. Fast and intense from the beginning, with symphonic classical string sections, death metal growls, and black metal vocals that remind you very much of Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) but, mixes incredibly well, with their fast-paced composition. Shredding guitars by Dave Requisite, and the powerful tightness the band overall possesses, keep this song on track.

“Threnody” is next on the bill and mixes some of both previous tracks of the EP in delightful form. Classic operatic female harmonizing vocals from Johanna Fincher keep the Gothic oriented sound intact. This smooth majestic ballad is traditional Gothic black metal. Death Requisite have pushed the envelope yet again and I would have to say, this is much more of a progressive move from the band. You can definitely hear their Norwegian metal influences throughout this masterpiece.

The next three tracks are “Primogeniture”, “Tormentor” and “Threnody” that are all played by a full orchestra. Adding the dark and brooding elements that make up this EP in EPIC proportions, creating the mood and energy given from the first half of this amazing release.

Overall, a solid effort from Death Requisite, the ONLY criticism that I have with it, is in fact that I would have liked to have seen another 2 new songs added to Threnody. I seriously recommend this EP for all of you metalheads out there.


Christian Sullivan 2018

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