Imparables – My Place Was Taken

Hailing from Matamoros, Mexico, Rottweiler Records band My Place Was Taken have released a 5 song EP called Imparables. The band have only been signed to the label a few short months ago, but adds a new element to their roster as it moves back to the deathcore arena that once began with Abated Mass Of Flesh.

From the time the EP begins with the title track “Imparables” it gives you elements of Abigail Williams and also similar sounds to independent Swedish deathcore band Voice Of Contention. We can hear melodic throwbacks through the EP with mixes of low bombastic growls to black metal shrieks which is often found through this sub genre of metal.

In some places throughout the EP it comes across slow and you may lose interest especially with the track “Mi Familia”, personally wasn’t my favourite song but, if you identify this subgenre as a favourite then you will enjoy it as it maintains the low end guitars and heaviness that the boys are trying to achieve.

“Guerra Interna” steps up and has more of the progression that I like to hear as it picks up the pace, even though it still mixes the slow elements in the song. The technical guitar aspects are kept to a reasonable balance to maintain an even flow that I find is very important to keep the listener interested.

Same goes with “Sociedad Demente” in which I think they have finally found the track that defines the sounds that My Place Was Taken desire.

6/10 Christian Sullivan

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