Deliverance – The Subversive Kind

The moment we saw the slogan “Thrash Is Back” many of us whirled with excitement with Deliverance announcing that the band was working on a brand new album going back to their thrash metal roots. Since their release back in 1991 of What A Joke the band’s direction changed to a more progressive approach which to many old school thrash metal listeners, was kind of a disappointment with the direction of the band, even though Deliverance still gained more listeners.

Founding member, guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Brown felt that Deliverance needed to go back to their thrash metal beginnings, as he felt disappointed with the outcomes of previous releases over the years including the more progressive albums like River Disturbance and Camelot In Smithereens. Sohe decided to postpone the release of The Subversive Kind by six months.

Joined with Jimmy Brown is the talents of -in my books- the monsters of Christian metal put into one glass… Shaken Not Stirred!! With Jim Chaffin on drums (The Crucified, Fasedown), Victor Macias, bass guitar (Tourniquet) and the return of Glenn Rogers on lead guitar (Vengeance Rising, Hirax and Final Decree). Plus a special guest, Greg Minier, also of The Crucified fame, featured on the album with lead guitar.

Since Deliverance started their crowdfunding campaign back in February 2017, the boys have been tirelessly working and tweaking their latest instalment from their longevity, thus far.

So here it is, sit back, RELAX, and enjoy the read of The Subversive Kind…

We all remember back in the day, Jimmy’s vocal style with his soprano high vocals. “Bring ‘Em Down” cranks with a much more aggressive hardcore vocal. Traditional riffs to kick your tail, with a very masterful bridge, and you can definitely hear the Victor bass tones. Glenn’s fast playing gives the song such high energy that is expected for a star-studded group.

When “Concept Of The Other” strikes it brings you back to the Weapons Of Our Warfare days of tearing-your-face-off speed and accuracy. Chaffin’s drum work is  brutal beyond words, and timings are perfect for any ex-drummer of punk bands. Plus intense shouts and complete blasting solos with finesse.

“Center Of It All” kicks in the content. It’s a free-flowing melodic fast-paced typical thrash track with sweet melodies and breakdowns that keep with the traditional standard of their sound to entice the listener, with a sweet solo to break up the flow.

Following suit is Deliverance’s first released single “The Black Hand” with the humble bass line at the commencing of the song, then breaking into an intro solo which blows you away. A bit more of a slower tempo track, it blisters you into a world of its own, breaking with smooth elegance into the bridge and chorus. And the high energy solos create the element that the band has intended.

“Epilogue” is next on the roster, with more of a slower approach which is different to the bands previous tracks through the earlier stages of the album. This song tends to hold a much more melodic feel all throughout with Jimmy Brown’s gravelly voice, that pulls together with the ace contributions from the rest of the group. I personally think it adds a nice touch to mix up the album.

“Listen Closely” continues with the same elements that have been encouraged through earlier tracks presented in The Subversive Kind, just keeping it real for the latter half with intense licks, riffs and a blasting solo which Glenn Rogers completely just owns the whole step of the way. One of my favourite tracks.

Then the leader-of-the-pack title track “The Subversive Kind” takes charge, hammering through with blasts from Jim Chaffin. This sounds more like a classic thrash metal track with intense riffs, also throwing in a clean and melodic chorus that is in your face lyrically and very well written. It’s certainly a song you would expect further up the chain with song listings but, I believe the arrangements that have been put together are second to none. A very strong and bold track indeed.

Final track of this album “The Fold” – exactly like its brothers holds its own with very tight arrangements and a professional outlook throughout the song structure. The solo kicks butt and you definitely believe that Thrash Is Back!!

Deliverance have certainly delivered a strong, tight and incredible album with The Subversive Kind to kick off 2018, which makes you feel right back at home in the late ’80s.


Christian Sullivan 2018

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