Ascending King Funeral Of a Species

Nosral Recordings’ debut release and debut EP for Ascending King is the beginning of things to come for such a small label, who seems to be recording and releasing music quite quickly and efficiently. For those of you who are unaware of Ascending King, they are a solo project by Ruah (Dryline) who started the project back in 2015, then in 2016 were picked up by SkyBurnsBlack Records thru which their debut single from the label, “Genesis of Desolation” was released.

Since leaving SkyBurnsBlack they joined Nosral Recordings to record and release their blend of doom and black metal, Funeral Of A Species. This review is long overdue so settle in and let’s get to it.

The EP kicks of with “Stench Of A Man” that brings in the traditional sounds of church organs, which begins the foundations’ transpiring. Low, bombastic doom driven bass sounds take you into shrill vocals that still maintain the low drudgery of sound. “Chamber black metal” describes the vocal techniques given, not to mention the quality of the guitar and drum tones which at one point sounded more programmed for the effect.

“Genesis Of Desolation” continues the move into the direction that the Texan black metal band Ascending King is wanting to move, shrill and created in a way that black metal bands were turning it back in the mid ’90s –  just plain, in-your-face echoes of madness.

“Rapture Of The Northern Sky” bombards us with a very early Cradle Of Filth style ofcreativity from around the era of V Empire with fast tempo, blazing Nordic blackened delights, while still maintaining the chamberistic backgrounds to keep it as intense and vile as possible.

“Moon Of The Dead” starts much more levelled at this point, much better as a whole production wise, still shrill and intense with Ruah’s shrieks and screams. The intensity still holds its own but, still carries his intentions forthwith.

Lastly comes the track “Eternal Extinction Of Apollyon” which leans more to the doom/death metal genre. Fans of Paramecium will appreciate the beginning section of the song, which leads to the shrillness which has been all too familiar through the whole EP but, then a breakdown that also leads to chaotic extremities.

As a whole,  a very good release for a solo artist trying his hand in this brand of black metal. Chamber black metal in itself is an acquired taste and not for the fainthearted. For all of us who have listened to over the years all genres of black metal, I’m not a huge fan but, I can see where Ruah is running with this. So, if you are a fan of your chamber black metal, Ascending King Funeral Of A Species will definitely belong in your collection.

6/10, Christian Sullivan 2018

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