3 new singles from Waiting For Ravens

Waiting For Ravens aren’t just any band, these guys are blasting on the scene with no end in sight currently, with extensive touring and creating a name for themselves within the U.S. Christian alternative rock circles.

Waiting for Ravens are not only touring with the likes of Disciple, Children 118, The Letter Black and others, but with their latest announcements for 2018, they are on the lineup for “Rainbow Rock” in Sweden, “Blood On Our Hands Tour” United Kingdom and “Rock Alive” in the Netherlands. Their presence is advancing at an accelerated rate, and the band have been kind enough to send three new songs to myself to review for you.

The first track is “Darkest Part”,  and its very first impressions are the sounds of current alternative rock, which had seemed to begin at the times of Evanescence. A very well-balanced commercial rock sound which is still radio friendly, the vocals are heavily influenced by Third Day and Nickelback.

“Hey” streams into the more melodic frames with more of a hard rock-driven punch, and the Nickelback influence is found more here on this song then elsewhere.

Then the final song “Rescue Me” starts with a more progressive metal riff which blends in nicely with acoustic melodies, still keeping with the alternative hard rock blend of bands from the last 10 years in the commercial scene.

Pure rock and catchy grooves will find Waiting For Ravens a band on the verge of high success.

Rating: 10/10 Christian Sullivan



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