In Stereo – Peter118 & No Lost Cause

Thumper Punk Records is renowned for their hard work ethic. Under the sunny skies of Huntington Beach, California, this label keeps delivering punk rock that doesn’t seem to stop, even though those in the mainstream have happened to forget what punk rock really is. In the time of secular acts like The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Green Day, then there were Christian acts like MXPX, Slick Shoes and Seraphs Coal…

We are coming into a whole new ballgame in punk rock. Peter118 and No Lost Cause are no strangers to the tireless work that comes with the whole punk scene and genre. Upcoming in their own stance, both bands are making waves in both scenes each on their own side of the pond. Thumper Punk Records has released a pearl of an EP.

First on the new release is Peter118. The Stoke-On Trent, U.K. band start the EP with a cover from U.S. Christian metal legends Bloodgood, “Seven” – Peter118 deliver a pop punk version of the song. Back in the times when Green Day were starting out, that gives you a feel for the passion that is being given, certainly with a rock-edged sound that seems to mould very well. Then the track “Wasting” has a much more fast-paced underground punk direction. Think of The Clash with a much more modern tone and lift that it needs, this is the favourite of mine as it hits the right tempos and licks and the right time. “Follow Him” the final song of the band seems to be in-between both the first two, with a crowd-rousing anthem about their strong faith in the Living God. More a basic rhythm, but catchy to sway and get down to, and more so a progression of ’80s punk rock to early ’90s pop punk.

No Lost Cause hits the bill next, this Californian punk band, with much more clean and crisp pop punk. Upbeat and melodic is the start of their delivery, with positive and straight forward lyrics, sharing of God’s love towards mankind is the way “I Stand Amazed” moves you. If you believe you are “Outcasts” this track continues on the fast pop punk melodic trail, entertaining throughout with gang harmonies and with the old school street punk varieties. Lyrically uplifting and in your face, it certainly shows you the maturity of the band. “The Crowd” is their final contribution to this split, as it begins with a simple punk rock melody, then cranks in some seriously great riffs and they still blend some more classic punk sounds to keep the listener interested to the end, there is also a talking vocal adding the motivation of their faith in life and love to send out a message of Hope, Truth & Love to whoever will hear it.

Overall a fantastic release from both bands. I would certainly recommend it for anyone into the mid ’90s pop and independent punk rock.

9/10 – Christian Sullivan

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