Brotality: It Feeds EP Review

Left to Right: John Haring, Bryce Maopolski & Reece Maopolski

The thrash metal masters Brotality and their brand of high intensity, brutality, technicality and resolve, are a group of young men whose material also has such high quality production – and a sound that surpasses the years of their youth. After being signed to Texan metal label Rottweiler Records, the band have since produced two full-length albums, Worldwide Desolation (2021) and The Woods Will End You (2022). And they have now just independently unleashed the latest EP It Feeds, under their own label Brotality Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Black Abandon
  2. Cryptic Worship
  3. It Feeds
  4. Nightswimmer
  5. The Bones Of God

With melodic prowess especially showing on the two opening tracks “Black Abandon” and “Cryptic Worship”, there is a wonderful use of guitar work, with sick licks and such a high level of professionalism and grinding it out with simplistic pleasure. They show technical aspirations, especially at the end of “Cryptic Worship” as Bryce makes his guitar talk, which ends on a ripping note that compliments his bassist brother Reese and their drummer John.

The title track “It Feeds” comes into play with a much more groove-oriented feel, but then entraps you within melodies and their songwriting skills that again are fast paced in certain areas in which you would expect from these boys as they continually direct the listener through this journey.

“Nightswimmer” transpires with a slower take onto what they produce, however still keeping within the groove-driven tradition and featuring a very cool riff that grabs you halfway through the song and helps you grasp the overall energy that Brotality conjure.

Finally we end with their latest single “The Bones Of God” which continues the overall trend of the EP, from start to finish. With crunching guitars and a faint Mortification nod in the bass lines, the song finalizes such a great release.

All we can say about It Feeds from the metal band Brotality is that it’s top notch in every way, very well done in their songwriting skills, production and sound, which are second to none – especially with their musicianship that just mesmerizes the listener.

Christian Sullivan 9/10 – The Metal Onslaught Magazine

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