Searching Serenity: Solace Comes This Month

When I was first introduced to Robert Manzone’s project Searching Serenity in the beginning of last year, I knew I had stumbled onto something special. Deathcore isn’t really my kind of deal, however I found myself liking the project more, the more I heard it.

Since his joining as the official vocalist for fellow deathcore outfit With Blood Comes Cleansing in February this year, I had wondered if Searching Serenity would continue past its tenth year.

However, he has no plans on slowing down or retiring in his efforts as he prepares to unleash the latest EP Solace onto fans June 21st. Robert has revealed about his new material that even though it is scheduled for that date of release, physical copies themselves are already available for pre-orders and can be received before the actual drop date.

Order Searching Serenity’s latest EP Solace and other releases HERE!

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