Intercessor: New Record Almost Upon Us

Metalcore upcomers Intercessor hailing from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, have been pretty quiet in the public’s eye as the quartet have been hard at work, creating their next piece of history as they are about to release a first single “Dimensional Singularity” taken from their upcoming second record Fractal Paradox, which is penned for release later on this year.

The new album will be the follow-up to their independently released debut 7 track album Sola (2021). I first found out about the group in early 2023, when Californian label Resuscitation Records included the band’s single “Fide” on their compilation album released last year entitled The Bitter Taste Of Lost Years. That track was taken from their debut release.

Visit back here for the premiere music video below on June, 7th:

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