Roxx Records: Official March Recap 2024

Los Angeles-based label Roxx Records have been a staple force for many rock and metal bands over the years, giving them the chance to shine and to have the distribution needed, alongside the quality of recordings that have been shown throughout the course of the lifetime of Roxx. Whether they be new productions, or old recordings made into re-issues, especially hard to find material, the production level has always been spot on.

We decided at the magazine to dedicate an article a month highlighting and recapping the month’s releases. Who knows, it could end up being multiple reviews in one space, but yet not as expansive as I usually am. I do like to be thorough but maybe I should not be quite as much so, for future reference?

Latter Reign: Order To Chaos

On the 22nd of March, Latter Reign released their third full-length album, Order To Chaos. Written and inspired while still recording Latter Reign II (2022), the opportunity arose to record in yet another studio, and the writing process began to recapture the spark given all those years ago back during the grunge days of the early to mid-nineties.

The ten-track album touches on more of the blues-driven rock value that hard rock bands were exploring over three decades ago. The highlighted songs for me are “Chill“, “Change” and a ballad, “Try Again“.

If you have enjoyed Latter Reign thus far, then this for you is pretty cool. The trilogy of albums has now come to pass.

Track Listing:

  1. Chill
  2. Change
  3. Had A Dream
  4. R U
  5. Throw Me A Line
  6. In My Life
  7. S.O.T. (Sign Of The Times)
  8. Order To Chaos
  9. Try Again
  10. Otra Vez (Try Again – Spanish Version)

All For The KingDarkest Before Dawn

Released on March 29th, 2024, Swedish metal band All For The King graced listeners with their 3rd effort Darkest Before Dawn.

With heavy influences of Black Sabbath & Kings X, the album has a great blend of melodic strategies, dark and doomy elements, bluesy symphonics and harmonistic components. Most notable tracks are “The Seventh Seal” (featuring Ulf Christiansson of Jerusalem), “Light In The Dark”, “Stay Awake” and “You Are My King”.

The ten-track album itself is a solid effort from the boys and is entertaining from start to finish. With Ricard Hulteke (vocals), Erik Tilling (guitar), Andreas Alov (bass) and Anders Kollerfors (drums).

Track Listing:

  1. Darkest Before Dawn
  2. The Seventh Seal – (Featuring Ulf Christianssonn of Jerusalem.)
  3. Light In The Dark
  4. Stay Awake
  5. Fearless
  6. Blind Leading The Blind
  7. You Are My King
  8. Welcome
  9. Surrender
  10. Mind Pollution

The Princess ProjectA Glow In The Dark Age

With a release date of the 22nd March 2024, this long-lost and previously out of print re-issue has come to light featuring female metal vocalist Judah Mikah, guitarist Chris Steberl of Project Alcazar and featuring a drum track with Robert Sweet (Stryper).

The band tried to reignite things in the mid-nineties, but became very short-lived. I myself have not really heard anything from these old and lost recordings, so apart from what you see beneath this article, is as much as I’ve heard.

The six track EP can be found on both CD and first time on vinyl.

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