Raining Locusts: Debut Single Launched

The Charon Collective are always looking for new projects and have released quite an onslaught of music dating back to April 2021.

With the inclusions of Hope Deferred, Testimony Of Apocalypse, Scarlet Oath, Klank, and His Kingdom Suffers, as the label has been growing in leaps and bounds.

Their newest addition to the family comes in two seasoned extreme music juggernauts with Royden Turple (Scarlet Oath, The Beckoning) and the ever busy Derek Corzine (Blood Thirsty, Testimony Of Apocalypse, Crowned In Sorrow) who have formed a new hard music project entitled Raining Locusts.

The duo have just unleashed their first single “Sophistical Monstrosity”, which comes from their upcoming self-titled EP Raining Locusts. The single is available on the label’s official Bandcamp, and the track is complimented with a music video, which can also be found on Youtube.



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