David Pataconi: Covers Circle Of Dust Song

Industrial/synthwave/retro rocker David Pataconi is always busy writing new music, whether it may be his solo music or alongside Monica Soe with their duo outfit TheoTerran – the man never seems to stop creating.

The genre of industrial peaked in its commercial popularity during the mid to late ’90s with artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Circle Of Dust, Klank and Rammstein. But these days, the following of the genre has plummeted significantly and remains back again in the underground.

David and his longtime label AD Windblown Media Records have just announced his soon-to-be-released cover of the Circle Of Dust tune “Outside In” (from that band’s last and final 2016 album Machines of Our Disgrace), scheduled to drop on February 16th.



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