Foregone: Have Unchained Their Latest Single

There seems to be quite a number of bands that are vastly achieving more quality in their music – and not only in their songwriting skills but throughout overall production also.

The whole nĂ¼-metal genre has evolved since the likes of Korn, P.O.D. and Limp Bizkit had hit the scene, and now it has merged into the mainstream of modern rock/metal, with the help of crisp production and the heavy use of auto-tune.

The new kids on the block in Foregone launched themselves onto the scene last year, with their debut single “Hubris”, which at publication has amassed almost 36,000 streams on Spotify alone, since its release in September. The trio have now hit the next level with the release of their newest single to date “Unchained”, with the improved production, quality and expansion of their sound, which I believe can only help their growth as a band.

Come check it out:

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