Testimony Of Apocalypse: Derek Corzine Officially Joins As Vocalist

Many of you may know Derek Corzine through his many accolades, with such projects as Blood Thirsty, Crowned In Sorrow, Syringe and Bloodline Severed. His main occupation has been mainly with Corzine Studios, which has seen the likes of not only his own projects, but metal bands such as Symphony Of Heaven, Testimony Of Apocalypse, and Burial Extraction have also benefited from the production skills of this very talented individual.

It’s just been announced that in the wake of Derek’s collaboration and production prowess, that for the first time since 2012 with the band Syringe, now Testimony Of Apocalypse will be his official band as their lead vocalist. He is stepping in after the departure of Mike Torone, who featured on the TOA debut outing None Escape the Judgement, and who was also the founding and former vocalist of thrash metal band Sacrament.



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