Voluntary Mortification: New Blast Beats Physician Joins Group

Lansing, Michigan-based deathcore outfit Voluntary Mortification have been rising through the ranks of some of the best upcoming brutal acts out of the Northeast.

Since their highly rated debut full-length Suffer To Rise (2022) through Rottweiler Records, the band have been gaining more momentum, as they continue to tour and promote their wares to the oncoming horde of listeners with every outing they make.

Let us introduce Giulian Cardillo, which has just been announced as their new timekeeper. The quartet was introduced to the young drummer after he subbed for another band that was on the same bill as VM earlier this year, and in which they were immediately blown away by his talent, drive, and dedication.

By that observation it made the matter very clear that the choice was a very simple thing indeed, as the band is currently working on brand new material into the follow-up to their 2022 debut.



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